Finding Your Happy Place

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I’m not sure I agree completely with the quote above.  Let’s face it, trials can come at any hour.  However, I concur with the comfort and happiness statement.  So come in.  Let’s forget our troubles for the moment, enjoy the French café music playing, and discuss our happy places!

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I’m always telling people, “That looks like my happy place,” or “That’s one of my happy places!”  In all honesty, it doesn’t take much to make me glad.  A stroll through Sur La Table or World Market can do the trick, or a turn with a good book accompanied by a cup of piping hot tea and some quiet.  When we get a spring visit from an Oriole (they visit rarely and only in spring), or some of my flowers are in bloom, a window becomes my cheerful spot.

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I live in a congested area.  The freeways are all jammed and the side streets aren’t much better.  Just getting to the grocery store can be a chore.  Thus, a seaside cottage on a remote Scottish coast often becomes the spot I long for.  A girl can dream, right?  My husband claims it appeals to him, too.  But wait, there’s more!  What about Paris in the spring time — or anytime for that matter?  Oui, j’aime Paris!

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I’ve chosen a Parisian theme for our tea today.  I braved my crowded town for all these store-bought items — still quicker than homemade.

Take a gander and choose what appeals to you from the herbed cheeses, olives, date crackers, croissants, jams, chocolate covered figs, and marzipan.

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Choose a tea.  I’ll brew your preference in your individual pot.   Sit a spell and tell me about your very own happy places, real or imagined!

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Mix-and-match cups, plates, and small tea pots make a fun, casual table.

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  • When combining different patterns, be sure your colors mingle well together.  I like to keep at least one constant.  Here, my napkins and placemats match with a crisp blue stripe.
  • Creating a theme always adds some excitement.  My French cheese plates and Café Paris teapots create a Francophile atmosphere.
  • Consider utilizing dinner plates as chargers to lend a little drama to your tablescape if your main dishes are on the small side.
  • Pamper guests with individual tea pots and allow them to choose their own brew.  They may even stay long enough for a second pot!

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Thank you for visiting and be sure to let me know about your happy place in the comment section!

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6 thoughts on “Finding Your Happy Place

  1. I enjoyed the tea you shared today. One of my happy places is high on a mountain at an old fire watch tower. So peaceful and often hikers on the Appalachian trail will stop to chat.


    • That sounds like a wonderful spot. I climbed one of those towers as a teenager in Indiana. My legs were shaking by the time I reached the top, but what a view! Thank you for sharing about one of your happy places!


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