An Elegant Easter Salon de Thé

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Thank you for popping by.  I hope you enjoy the little tea salon I’ve created for us to enjoy.  Easter is almost upon us and I wanted to do something special in honor of this holiday.

Are you old enough to remember Easter hats, gloves, and fancy pastel dresses with ruffles? I can recall wearing these at a very young age.  I also recollect my wonderful great aunts who came for holiday dinners.  These were truly special ladies, born in the 1800s.  I have photos of them in white gloves, lavish costume jewelry pins decorating their garments, and smiles on their sweet faces.  In the early 1900s, these siblings joined the rage of painting their own china.traycrop sized  IMG_3555crop sizedMy sister has an entire set of dainty pink place settings, including tiny salt cellars, inherited from one of them.  I managed to end up with a few serving pieces and four dessert plates, each a unique work of art.  I’m using a platter today.  One of these aunts witnessed the Oklahoma land rush.  Her mother placed her on her shoulder and said, from their perch on a nearby hill, “Watch this and remember it.  You are witnessing history.”

I’ve had other incredible experiences at Easter. One year, I was invited to a prayer breakfast where the famous coach, Dick Vermeil, spoke… pure inspiration and motivation.  I’ve frozen in the dark, waiting for many an outdoor sunrise service to begin.  With teenagers in the house, these are now a no-go.  Try prying a sleepy teen from his bed at that hour!  I’ve spent the day with cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents, enjoying their company and the excitement of an egg hunt.

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There’s just something lovely about the flowers, colors, baskets, and fellowship on offer this time of year.  I’ve tried to capture some of this with our Easter Tea.

So, do come in, grab a cup and saucer, fill a plate, find a seat and enjoy!

There are so many wonderful spreads to chose from at your grocer’s now.  I found a cheddar jalapeno cream cheese for these ham rolls.  IMG_3605 sizedSome might think the flavor too strong for tea, but I love something spicy with my cuppa!  I combined softened cream cheese and chopped water cress for a filling for those less tolerant of the heat associated with hot peppers.  In addition, I blanched asparagus and baked the spring vegetable inside crescent rolls with a slice of sharp cheddar.  It’s a great way to get kids to eat their veggies, and I’ve made this many times with broccoli spears as well.  The brew today is a black tea, flavored with peach.  It seemed chipper for spring.  Store bought muffins stuffed with fruit filling and mini raspberry pastries add some decadence to the menu.  If your sweet tooth still craves something, partake of the jelly beans, chocolate eggs, or tiny foil wrapped bunnies.

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  • Create an elegant space to serve tea.  I cleared off a cabinet in a small area that allowed for guests to file past and choose their treats.  Seating can be in another nearby room.
  • Don’t forget music!  You can set the tone of your gathering based upon what you choose.  I’m playing some sacred choral music at a low volume, to encourage conversation while still adding to the Easter ambience.
  • Small items, like these bunnies, define the theme.  Get creative and have fun!

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Fancy Asparagus CrescentsIMG_3562 sized

  • 1 can refrigerated crescent rolls
  • 1 triangle, thin sliced cheddar for each roll
  • 2 asparagus spears per roll, thick end cut off

Blanch asparagus by adding cut spears to rapidly boiling, heavily salted water (I use a large skillet for this with about an inch of water).  Remove after 30 seconds & place in prepared ice bath (ice and water in a large, flat pan).   Preheat oven according to refrigerated dough instructions.  Separate dough.  Add a piece of cheese, the approximate size of the crescent and two spears of asparagus onto each dough triangle.  Roll into crescent shapes and place on cookie sheet.  Bake as directed.  Serve immediately.

Thank you for joining me!  Happy Easter!  He is risen, indeed!

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