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The Snail Man

snail man

The choice between a stalker and the ideal man should be easy for Kathryn, if she can tell them apart.

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Here’s what reviewers are saying:

  • “Kudos to Ms. Benchley for a well-crafted, very intriguing story… unlike anything I have ever read.” – Amazon Reviewer
  • “Expertly crafted novel written by a gifted writer… I highly recommend this suspenseful / thriller romance!” – Amazon Reviewer
  • “Hard to believe this is a first novel from this author! I stayed up until 3 a.m. to finish her book because I couldn’t put it down! It is 5 stars all the way. The story has a little bit of everything. It’s a mystery-suspense-romance that includes themes on grief, family, friendship and dating, and draws you in to study its characters. It’s hard to “pigeonhole” this great story. I loved its uniqueness… It was a delight from start to incredible finish and I will definitely be looking forward to reading more books by Ms. Benchley!!” – Amazon Reviewer
  • “Loved this book from the first page. the story is so well formulated and told. And the ending….what a twist! The characters are well formed and interesting and the plot tight and well written. I highly recommend this as a great read. I read this in one day, as I just couldn’t put it down.” – Amazon Reviewer
  • “The pace is sufficient to keep the reader’s interest and towards the end I neglected what I had to do, just to sit down and finish the book and find out what happens. I will not give away the ending here, but it was a complete surprise and I wondered if there was going to be a sequel. If you fancy something a little different then this is definitely worth buying, I’m glad I did.” – Amazon Reviewer
  • “Something quite different” – Amazon Reviewer
  • “It had the right amount of suspense and kept me wanting to read as much of it at a time as I could. The plot is filled with twists and snags. It kept me turning the pages until the end. Highly recommended!” – Amazon Reviewer

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