May 1st

Congratulations to Sharon K. Connell!

This sharp cookie managed to name 29 out of 30 locations during our April virtual vacation.  Even her guesses were spot on!  She actually had all 30 correct, but was a little late with one of her answers.  Thanks to everyone for playing along.  Our other top finishers were K. Nichols, Amy Reade, and Catherine Conn who all displayed their superior knowledge of the globe.  As we say farewell, enjoy this photo of a bouquet I spotted in a gelato shop in Rome.


~Yesterday we visited Edinburg, Scotland. Sharon K. Connell, Catherine Conn, K. Nichols, & Amy Reade recognized the location.~

Copyright 2020. Victoria Benchley all rights reserved.

8 thoughts on “May 1st

  1. Thank you, Victoria. Can I tell my geography and history teachers in school this? They’ll be amazed. LOL I was a very poor student back in school, but since I became an adult, I love history and looking up places of interest.

    Your game was so much fun. And, I learned some things I didn’t know about places I’d truly like to visit.

    You need to do something like this on our Facebook group forum, Christian Writers & Readers, but just for fun. The members would really enjoy it, and we do have quite a few historical writers in the membership. They’ll appreciate the information they gain by looking things up.

    Again, thanks for the great month of virtual travel. God bless your writing.


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