April 27th

Ready to play?

Happy Monday!  Since everyone’s staying home, let’s pretend we’re off on an International trip.  My books are set in places I’ve visited, and I’m sharing some of my photos this month.

Identify the location of the picture below.  Remember to register your answer by clicking “Leave a comment” at the top of this page and then write your reply (I’ll approve comments at the end of each day and reveal the locale in the following blog). 

Correct answer receives a point.  If you’re not certain, go ahead and guess! I’ll be posting a different photo, along with a hint, every day this month.  Whoever has the most points on April 30th will receive a prize (you’re not winning the lotto, dear people, but I will mail you a small gift which will include a modest Amazon card).  In the event of a tie, a randomly generated number will decide the winner. So, be sure to check back here each day, & let’s see who can . . .

Name That Location:

Hint: Located in the central region of this country, this city had the oldest wooden bridge in Europe before it burned in 1993 (it has been since rebuilt).  The town is located on a river and a well-known large lake.  A second surviving bridge (shown below) features paintings that are a tad morbid from the 1600s.  On the other bridge, all but two of the original paintings from the same period were lost or severely damaged in the fire.  Can you name the city & country?

A large building

Description automatically generated

~Yesterday we visited Oxford, England. Catherine Conn, Sharon K. Connell, K. Nichols, & Amy Reade knew where we were!~

A close up of a tree

Description automatically generated

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8 thoughts on “April 27th

    • Yes, it’s Lucerne! They have rebuilt the bridge. The first and last paintings were removed during the fire and undamaged. The others, well, didn’t do so well. They think a cigarette left on a boat tied to the bridge may have started the fire. Now, they have new regulations preventing that sort of thing.

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    • Yes, it’s Lucerne, Sharon! I walked that bridge before it burned (I might have misspoke on the date of 1993~it may have been a little later). The pictured bridge is shorter and still exists, Sprever Bridge, & the paintings are called the Dance of Death.


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