April 25th

Ready to play?

I hope you are all having a great Saturday. Since everyone’s staying home, let’s pretend we’re off on an International trip.  My books are set in places I’ve visited, and I’m sharing some of my photos this month.

Identify the location of the picture below.  Remember to register your answer by clicking “Leave a comment” at the top of this page and then write your reply (I’ll approve comments at the end of each day and reveal the locale in the following blog). 

Correct answer receives a point.  If you’re not certain, go ahead and guess! I’ll be posting a different photo, along with a hint, every day this month.  Whoever has the most points on April 30th will receive a prize (you’re not winning the lotto, dear people, but I will mail you a small gift which will include a modest Amazon card).  In the event of a tie, a randomly generated number will decide the winner. So, be sure to check back here each day, & let’s see who can . . .

Name That Location:

Hint: Below is a picture of this city’s most famous symbol which was originally gilded to honor an emperor’s wedding.  Populated continuously since the Stone Age, this location is a gateway to the easiest route over nearby mountains.  In modern times, the city has hosted many diverse Olympic games and is known for its winter sports and mountain climbing.  Can you name this stunning city and its country?  

A large white building

Description automatically generated

~Yesterday we visited Versailles, France. Katherine Conn, Sharon K. Connell, K. Nichols, & Amy Reade knew the answer!~

A close up of a tree

Description automatically generated

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6 thoughts on “April 25th

  1. This landmark structure is located in the Old Town, Altstadt, section of Innsbruck, Austria. Victoria, I’m learning so much about so many places with your April feature. Thank you.


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