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Please come in and enjoy yourself!

     I cannot remember a time when I didn’t take tea.  Before I began attending school, I would join my mother, mid-morning, with a cup.  Either her best friend from across the street or my aunt would pop in and enjoy a time of fellowship and rejuvenation.  If I kept quiet, I could learn all sorts of interesting things.  If I spoke up to render an opinion on adult matters, I was shooed from the kitchen.

     Later, after I began elementary school, we’d share afternoon tea.  You see, we didn’t follow any particular rules regarding teatime, which Webster’s defines as the customary time for tea, late afternoon or early evening.  Hot or iced, accompanied by a treat or not, the soothing beverage encouraged conversation and relaxation and also provided a pick-me-up.  Friends, I hope you will drop in for a comforting cup, camaraderie, teatime tips, and refreshment for the body, mind, and soul, right here at Teatime Tuesday!


A Hearty New Year’s Tea

     I like to think that the holidays extend from Thanksgiving until Super Bowl Sunday.  If I could persuade my husband to leave the tree up until then, I would!  Actually, I recall one year when circumstances did prevent us from taking our decorations down until early February and it didn’t bother me one bit.  Most years, we have our festive items put away by mid-January. 

     There is something beautiful about the idea of a fresh new year, don’t you think?  I just couldn’t help inviting friends for one last holiday hurrah:  A hearty New Year’s tea perfect for a chilly January day. 

Won’t you join me?

  IMG_2760  IMG_2761

     I’ve put an Andrea Bocelli CD on low (I confess, it’s a holiday album) and brewed the last of a spicy, rich tasting Christmas blend.  A tiny cup of creamy tomato soup is joined by ham rolls tied with chives.  I prefer that the food I serve at teatime offers a surprise, so the ham is filled with homemade pineapple cream cheese while the soup holds a hidden bite of goat cheese.  Fruit kabobs and baked brie wrapped in a delicious crust and topped with cranberries and apricots finish off the savory course.  

img013banner2 try1

     Have a seat and enjoy your first cup.  Would you like lemon in your tea?  Tell me all about your Christmas…

     For the sweet course, please enjoy the Danish butter cookies and do try my oatmeal bars with date filling.  You won’t go away hungry that’s for sure!  Let me pour you another cup of tea while we discuss your plans for 2016.

    IMG_2768cropped  IMG_2763  

This is a deceptively easy tea with which to bless your friends or family.  I used leftover ham from Christmas dinner and canned tomato soup (add some cream and a small amount of fresh orange juice to give the soup a bright, unique taste).  I made the kabobs and ham rolls in advance, refrigerating these until just before the guests arrive (be sure to drain your pineapple before mixing with cream cheese).  The baked brie was store bought, as were the butter cookies.  I’d already made the date bars as Christmas treats!


 IMG_2696bigcrop    IMG_2703cropped

     It’s nice to splurge on an item or two for your tea service.  A set of antique spoons makes everything look that much more special.  Or, try wired ribbon to tie a lovely bow around your napkins.

Thank you for visiting Teatime Tuesday and please drop by anytime.


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