April 14th

Ready to play?

Since everyone’s staying home, let’s pretend we’re off on an International trip.  My books are set in places I’ve visited, and I’m sharing some of my photos this month.

Identify the location of the picture below.  Remember to register your answer by clicking “Leave a comment” at the top of this page and then write your reply (I’ll approve comments at the end of each day and reveal the locale in the following blog). 

Correct answer receives a point.  If you’re not certain, go ahead and guess! I’ll be posting a different photo, along with a hint, every day this month.  Whoever has the most points on April 30th will receive a prize (you’re not winning the lotto, dear people, but I will mail you a small gift which will include a modest Amazon card).  In the event of a tie, a randomly generated number will decide the winner. So, be sure to check back here each day, & let’s see who can . . .

Name That Location:

Hint: This ancient site was the city center of an ancient empire.  The seat of commercial, religious, & political activities, the location contained early royal residences, temples, shrines, and eventually the senate.  A famous Los Angeles sporting venue constructed in the 1960s bears the same name.

A castle on top of a dirt field

Description automatically generated

~Yesterday’s photo was of Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria.  K. Nichols, Sharon K. Connell, Catherine Conn, & Lisa Maliga recognized the location. ~

A close up of a tree

Description automatically generated

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10 thoughts on “April 14th

  1. Today, we’re in the Roman Forum, in Rome, Italy. An archaeologist dream vacation. 🙂 I’ve often thought about what it would be like to visit here (along with Greece). Oh the stories those ancient ruins could tell. A long time ago, when I was in school, I had wanted to be an archaeologist, but was talked out of that dream. Thanks for the trip, Victoria.


  2. Beautiful! I’m guessing Athens, but maybe Rome? We lost power yesterday morning and never got it back until late last night, so I missed yesterday’s post. Hope you and your family had a lovely Easter.


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